Mapping the INNER

Audio, Sound, Performance 30 min.
19th/ 20th/ 21st of August 2021 at CO3 Galerie Cologne at Wenn die Stadt schweigt spricht das Herz Festival, Germany.

The installativ performance Mapping the INNER guides the audience with five soundtracks and an installation through different narratives and instructions for our future. It reflects on the way we receive and connect with ourselves and therfore the ways we deal with our environment and with nature. The artist follows a neuroscientific approach through the body to rewire and experience the story we tell ourselves. Through the physical oriented approach, sensosomatic senses are stimulated and the orientation and changes of the perception of space and the world is encouraged. Thereby, the relationship with oneself and the environment is rewired in the neuronal system. Furthermore, the artist works with the very relationship we have installed with plants and nature. A new narrative is created with the audience.

What if we think about nature as a companion and question the stories we tell ourselves as the instructions we build our world upon every day? What if we rethink these stories and rewrite the instructions? What if we take our relationship to nature as an instruction for our futures. How would it look like?

Concept and Performance: Malin Harff

Soundrecordings and Sound: Malin Harff, Ramsey Kattan

Soundtechnic: Kamal Habib

Voice: Deema Dabis, Malin Harff

Text: Malin Harff

Editing: Marianne Sievers

Stagedesign: Arthur Nagel, Leander Harff, Volker Harff

Scenic Advice: Eva Maria Schaller, Dorothea Mines, Bri Anne Schröder.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne

Coproduced by CO3 Cologne