Malin Harff and Collaborators

Malin Harff and Collaborators has been founded in 2022. They experiment in changing collaborations with different artists and genres and thereby expand the boundaries of performative work.

Based on the human nervous system and the neurophysiological technique Somatic Experiencing, Malin Harff and Collaborators address current social tendencies and issues.

Their current work deals with the repressed emotions of many Germans in relation to their history and makes visible and tangible in public space what is still repressed widely.

Renegotiating anthropogenic and Eurocentric perspectives with the help of queerfeminist and hydrofeminist theories is another focus of their work.

Concept and Choreography: Malin Harff

Assistence: Miriam Arnold

Performer: Amanda Romero, Miriam Arnold,

Maria Sauerland, Vivien Kovarbasic, Hrista Panayotova

Dramaturg: Valerie Wehrens

Voice Coach: Anna Stijohann

Costume: Dorothea Mines

Design and Film: Ramin Aryaie

Sound Artist: Joel Jaffe

Outside Eye: Anne Weyler, Viola Köster

Production: Wayne Götz