Malin Harff is a Germany based choreographer, working at the edge of installative performances and neuroscience. She studied Anthropology, Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts till 2014. Between 2015 and 2020 she has been living and working in Jordan. She also is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a technique that merges neuroscience with practical approaches to the human nervous systems. She currently lives in Cologne.

Her artistic interest is driven by a close look at sociocultural structures and collective emotions dealing with the body as an archive of memories and an extended form of land. She is interested in the political, social and emotional, in the possibilities and necessities the current state offers but also requirements it asks for.

Her interest lies in the transformational aspect of processes. She is developing experiences out of space, sound and bodies which offer encounters by using introspection and physical experienced shifts of perception. She is interested in the soul of things, their interconnection and their expression in the ephemeral as well as the abiding.

Soil, plants and water are common performers with her on stage. She performs herself in most of her pieces but also runs the company Malin Harff and Collaboratos which cooperates with artists from different backgrounds.

Her current interest and choreographic research is based on a cooperation with a marine biologist and looks at alga and the breathing of mixotrophic plants. Thereby, it explores ways of dealing with the climate crisis and necessary adaptions in paradigm.