Solo work, Sound and Performance

30 min. 2019, Amman, Jordan.

SALT AND WATER is a piece about the collective and therefore the individual.

The outside mirrors the inside – and vice versa. We cannot separate ourselves from our environment.

SALT AND WATER is a piece about collective pain and individual pain. How can we exist in a world determined by political conditions? And how can we allow ourselves to feel in a world with collective traumata where most is just numb.

SALT AND WATER is a piece about transformation. We cannot change everything, I cannot change everything. But still, let’s try to restart the system.

Concept and Choreography: Malin Harff

Performer: Malin Harff

Sounddesign: Malin Harff, Ramsey Kattan

Musician: Ramsey Kattan

Stagedesign, Soundtechnic and Lights: Asem Al Khojja

Film: Esther Aillaud and Saskia Richter

Supported by HOD Amman, Studio8 Amman.